Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Quick Quotes Convention

Wow, I am off to York Pensylvannia in October to attend the Quick Quotes Convention. My friends have been before and the stuff that they have made there is just amazing. I am so excited I can't wait. Well 2 of my friends didn't know that my other friend an I are going to be joining them on this adventure. 5 days of girlfriends scrapping and having the time of our lives. So to surprise them I decided to make a layout for them. I did 2 exactly the same and when they pulled out the tags they found out that we were coming as well. They were so excited they screamed with delight. Now I have to find more of the paper to make one for my girlfriend and myself so we have a layout too. Here's the layout and the front and back of the tag. I used a piece of travel paper that I got at Michaels, mounted it on cardstock, flipped over one corner and backed that with some polka dot paper and secured it with a glitter brad. Then drew my dashed line from Toronto to York Pensylvannia. I added a cardstock car on that line. I made my own pocket and card and put a picture of my girlfriend Diane and myself as we're the ones going with them. Then on the back of that tag I stamped We're going too. I had a lot of fun making this for Brenda and Rose. It was a great surprise and Diane and I are sooooo looking forward to the road trip.
Hugs xx

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