Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Mother's Day Card From My Darling Daughter

Well normally I would never do this, show a card my kids made, but this one was made by my 19 year old who absolutely hates scrapbooking and card making. She can barely look at the cards I make when I proudly show her each one. She bugs me about how much I spend on my hobby and retreats to do it in, LOL. But looky here!!! Who's talent is rubbing off. Brag brag. This is an old Hanglar stamped image that I'd colored and wasn't very happy with. She found it in the inspiration room and started making my card with it. Hubby said she was down there for 3 hours creating. She mentioned that she pulled out some of my old cards to see how I put them together, but I have to say, the design is all her. I think the patterned paper is Kaiser Craft, but she used the last of it that I can find. I love how she punched out the greenery and added in the purple flower rhinestones to look like floral bushes. I also got the inspiration to use this Martha Stewart punch for coral in a swimming or beach layout. (Wouldn't have gotten that idea without the bushes staring at me). Thank you Sarah!! I love how she angled the cuts on her papers, and added the 2 ribbons together. She found some gold puff letters and spelled the Mom and it's straight. She couldn't even use a ruler in school. Wow, what a card. There's talent hidden in all the stubborness. One day she will see the light. Just had to share, hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Hugs xx


debby4000 said...

Gorgeous card Carolyn, wonderful image and beautiful details.

Karen Wilson said...

Wow, Sarah did an awesome job! You must be so proud!

Tanya said...

Beautiful card Carolyn! (Maybe you'll be able to get her out some club nights.)

mommy2lou said...

what an awesome surprise! I dont blame you for showing this off. I love the story behind it!

She did a lovely job too!