Monday, April 20, 2009

Well it was totally a scrapbooking weekend for me. I spent Sunday at my favorite place, Bella Land. I took a course called Signs of Spring. You take around 14 pictures of spring like things, or things that remind you of spring. What a relaxing class it was. Sindi's layouts are to die for. Her next class looks great. This layout really attracted me as I thought it would be great to take elements of pictures and create a puzzle affect. Great class Sindi.


dolcreations said...

Well, it looks like you had a great time Friday night. The paper looks awesome!
Your layout is so cute! Love the idea!
Great job!!!!

kelli said...

This is a great layout!!!!

Karen Wilson said...

Love this layout, very creative! Looks like another class I'll have to look into taking at Bella!

Looks like you did VERY well at Scrapfest to!

Carolyn said...

They have it again this Fri. night if you're interested. It was a nice class.