Saturday, March 3, 2012

Black And White Layout

This is a Quick Quotes layout kit that I had bought a while ago, and thought that it would be perfect for these pictures. I had taken many interesting pictures on the cruise that I took with little Miss Shelby, (peeking through the porthole). I love the porthole picture I took. It looks like she's trying to get in the boat, haha. I actually took the picture of her in the Disney Kids Club on the boat. She's my mermaid. It was an open hole window with no glass from one section to another. My flash reflected off the silver porthole giving it the effect of water. The other pictures were just pictures that I took randomly on the boat. I love the saying that I had bought in Collingwood at a little dollar store. It is so perfect for this layout.

"The voyage never ends when the trip is over..."
"It is played again and again in your mind reliving the moment"
"You can never break free from the journey..."

How Blissful is that.

Hugs xx

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dolcreations said...

Your layout is awesome Carolyn. I just love the black and white look with these wonderful cruise pictures. The technique you used on the ribbon is really really pretty! Love the sentiment too!