Friday, January 6, 2012

Disney Fish Extender

Well I know this is my scrapbooking site, but I just had to share with you all a quilting project my amazing friend Chris made fore me. I am going on a Disney cruise with my youngest who is 10 in 16 days. We are just so excited. I showed you earlier the disney books I made for gifts for all in our group. What I didn't show you was where you put the gift. Every cabin that is participating in this hangs a strip with pouches and your names on it, on the brass decoration that is a fish that is outside every cabin door. Well I'm a good sewer, but only with a pattern and my fabulous friend Chris is an amazing sewer with no pattern. Her and her husband, who is a graphic artist designed this for me. I surprised my daughter with it on Christmas day along with the gift of the cruise. I also made for the kids disney bookmarks, but will post them tomorrow. Hope you love this quilted beauty as much as I do.
Hugs xx

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TampaRobert said...

This is probably a stretch, but I'm taking my daughter on a Disney cruise in June and I'm struggling to come up with a fish extender (6th grade home ec skills from 30 years ago and no sewing machine). She's a HUGE Rapunzel fan and was going to attempt something like this - with disastrous results, I'm sure. Would your friend be interested in making another for a fee? I was thinking the bottom just like you have and maybe a pocket with Flynn Rider for me.

If not, I understand.