Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Long Sabbatical!!

Well hello my long lost bloggers. I have missed everyone. I'm not sure how often I will get to post these days, but will try when I can.

I had to take a long sabbatical recently to try to balance my time better. I have taken on a job at my local Walmart and in the beginning it was just part time. They asked me to put in for full time, and now I'm Department Manager (full time) of Ladies Fashion. It has exhausted me tremendously as I am a stay at home mom who now needs to get everything done between 4:00 pm and midnight when I used to have all day. Needless to say it has cut down the time I can put into my passion of Scrapbooking. It was so bad that I didn't even get my Christmas cards finished and sent out for the first time ever. This led me decide how I could balance my limited scrapbooking time to fit in both cards, that I never give to anyone, just stock pile them in the basement, or my scrapbooks that were getting so far behind because of my new passion of card making. I have come to the conclussion that I must get my layouts caught up and at least feel like the time I'm putting in has a final benefit to me. I will get cards done here and there, but my new goal is to complete 100 layouts this year. I have already completed 20 single page layouts and we're only 3 weeks into January. Yeah to me!!!

This layout is one from a kit that Close To My Heart sells called Miracle. I bought the kit and it was the first 2 double page layouts I did for the year. Everything comes with the kit and the layouts are already given, you just follow the instructions and there you have 2 double page layouts from the same kit. It was my motivator to get me back into the layout swing. I used it for my Daughter's kindergarden graduation pictures. I added the title to it to incorporate the butterflies and graduating to Grade 1. I hope you like it. I will display more of my completed layouts in the next few week.

I hope I don't loose you all as followers, and will try to find time to visit my fabulous card making friends blogs as I can. Have a wonderful Thursday, as usual, I'm off to work.

Hugs xx


Danielle said...

Hi Carolyn! Your life sure has gotten busy lately ... it seems that way for a lot of people, me included! It's a good time to re-evaluate things and you've definitely made some wise choices. Just love this scrapbook layout - the colours are so pretty! You're already a 1/5th of the way there - keep it going!! Take care and hope your balancing act continues to work for you!
Hugs, Danielle

Debbie said...

Hi Carolyn, Be reasured you won't loose blog friends, not me anyway!
Your LO's are gorgeous, and hope to see more soon.
You do have to re-evaluate your life at some point, decide what is best for you and not others, crafting will always be a part of your life, just NOT your life....Take care and welcome back. Debbiexx

dolcreations said...

This layout is so pretty and so is the subject!It is so nice to see you posting again! I love the colours you have totally motivated me that is for sure! I need to see a new spring CTMH catalogue so I can place an order.

sueincanada said...

Your finished layout looks great. On Saturday you gave me some motivation to start working on scrapbook pages again.