Friday, December 11, 2009

Magnolia's were kidnapped

Well not sure about everyone else, but I think my Magnolia's were kidnapped. I went to their site and it does say that they were mailed out last Monday???? Usually when I place an order from their site I receive it in 5 days. It is now 11. They were supposed to be my Christmas cards. By the middle of November when I hadn't received them yet, I had to change plans. This put me very behind in my Card making. That is why I have been behind in my postings as I am now in panic mode to get my backup Christmas cards done in time. I must say that I am very disappointed in Magnolia for sending these kits out so late. I really think that at this time they are a waste of money for me. This is the 2nd kit that I've ordered and I found the summer kit to be a great value, however I didn't receive it until the middle of July. By the middle of July my fellow bloggers were starting to work on their fall cards. I thought I'd take a chance with the Christmas/Winter kit hoping that they would be out sooner. I won't be ordering anymore kits as the additions to the kit were available far sooner than the kits. Go figure!! I am so frustrated as there is exactly 14 days until Christmas. Here in Canada we have no other holiday after Halloween. Our Thanksgiving is in October. So after Halloween, you can see that we Canadians go straight into Christmas mode. Our stores are decorating for Christmas before Halloween night, and the Halloween stuff gets put into the sale aisle. So we have 2 full months of Christmas card making here. It is such a shame that Magnolia can't get the kits out sooner, and I'm afraid that they will probabldy loose orders in the future over it. The stamps are just adorable, and I love them so dearly, but if Hangler stamps become available world wide, and can meet the orders, I think that they'll blow Magnolia away. Please Magnolia, get that rubber out sooner!!! I'm I the only blogger frustrated by this? Please let me know how you feel? Did you get your kits yet?
Hugs xx


Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Carolyn,
Your stamps must be away looking for mine. I'm waiting too. Hope they all turn up soon.
Fiona x

Liza said...

Hi Carolyn

I think there is a lot going on at Magnolia at the moment, but the DT are as much in the dark as everyone else. However, I don't think the winter kit has any christmas stamps in it, take a look here -

Liza x

Marcea said...

Hi hun, I am also still waiting for my kit to arrive too and am pulling my hair out wishing it would get here. I think the winter kit is not aimed at the xmas market at all sweetie. So sorry you are so disappointed - I just keep my fingers crossed that it willa rrive safe very soon

Carolyn said...

Thanks Liza,
I can't believe it. If I'd have been informed that it was Valentine only, I definately would not have ordered it. I am so very disappointed. I really don't like any of the images. I have revisited Magolia's site and it is distinctly called "Magnolia's Stamp Club tm Winter and Christmas Raising the Ceiling Collection." Where are the Christmas stamps????? I'm sorry, but this is definately the last Stamp Club Kit I'm ordering. :-((((
Hugs xx

Jane said...

Know how you feel Carolyn, first time I've ordered the kit and I'm disappointed it isn't Christmas stamps too, very misleading I think and I haven't received mine yet either, hugs, Jane xx

Danielle said...

Oh Carolyn, this is such a shame! I, too, am very frustrated that mine haven't arrived yet and even more so that there are no winter/christmas images. I purposely didn't buy a lot of xmas ones thinking that the winter kit would be full of them (they were last year). I will be emailing Magnolia to let them know how disappointed I am when my kit finally arrives (if it ever does).
Hugs, Danielle

Line said...

Hi Caroly,

I just received my kit from Magnolia yesterday and I am so disappointed!! I really thought they would be Christmasrelated, but no the were NOT! I have ordered several kits before and been happy with them, but I think this will be my last too. I'm just so thankful that I could get my hands on the So Jolly Collection early, or else I would be in total panic by now! I'm so sorry you're so behind on your Christmas card this year, and I really understand your disappointment with Magnolia.
Hopefully your Hanglarstamps will reach you any day now:)

Good luck with the rest of your Christmas cards!

Hugs, Line

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