Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day In BellaLand

Well boy oh boy did I have a great day yesterday. My scrapbooking friend Christine and I, along with another friend Tanya were invited to spend the day in Bellaland with the fabulously talented Paula Tracy from Paper Possibilities, Linda Heavens from Heavens Created This, and their scrapbooking crew. Well Paula and Linda absolutely amazed us with their fabulous coloring. Linda with her copics (2 hours to do one image, lol), and Paula with her lyras (3 images to one of Linda's), LOL. I know that the difference in the 2 images was amazing, I just don't have the patience to spend that much time, or money on one image. I learned so much from the goddesses of coloring. Emily thank you for stopping Christine and I from spending a million dollars on an air brush machine. All we needed was a day with Paula and Linda, and we have it down pat now. What a great day. Thanks again to the talented Paula and Linda for your inspiration. Thanks to Emily for treating us crazy ladies to lunch. I promise ladies, next time you come I'll treat you to the Ultrasound story.
Hugs xx

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Mary Frances said...

Carolyn, It was great meeting you and Christine, and Tanya on Saturday! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'd love to see everyone again in August! Take care, Mary Frances,