Thursday, March 19, 2009

Well here I was in Newmarket today for a hockey game and when I came out of the arena it was snowing. Well as much as I, more than anyone want Spring to get here, the light snow inspired me to do this card with my new little girl stamp. She reminds me so much of Shelby except it would be a very cold day in H E double hockey sticks before I'll see my little one in a dress. I will keep stamping this little darling in all her beautiful poses and with all her beautiful dresses to satisfy that aspect for me. Promise I'll do a spring card for tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Oh that card is so cute...........
Carolyn I love it.

Anonymous said...

This card you did makes me want to see more!!! How many more sleeps!!! Now the thought process begins. Layouts or cards...well for me it is always cards!!!
I hope to get our shipment in before we go...but I have a feeling it will not happen!! Please Carolyn, do more cards, I love what you do!!!!